Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exergaming Outdoors

Here's a great application of an outdoor exergaming playground manufactured by SmartUS.

"... They were really excited even though --evidently-- they had played the games for a number of times already. Motivational factors were similar to other digital games -- to beat one's own record, to top the high score and to have fun."

Conquistador - each player tries to conquer his/her own part of the game's fantasy world, and helps his/her team towards a common goal. The game develops tactical ability and teamwork skills.

PointCollection is a mathematical game where players need to simultaneously move and make calculations and to work in a group. It offers both physical and intellectual challenges to players of different ages from child to adult.

SpeedGame - players have to both react sensitively to changes in the game and to master the direction and rhythm of his/her movements. In addition to motoric challenges, the game teaches the English language alphabet. It encourages you to play again and again and to break your record.

AnimalPuzzle is a jumping game, in which funny animal characters are put together like a jigsaw puzzle. A picture is assembled from pieces that are selected by jumping on a grid of tiles.

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