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  1. Fitness & Rehabilitation ATHENE #Exergaming Wins 2nd Place at FIBO
  2. Dustcloud Brings Laser Six Shooters to a Live RPG #Mobile #Exergame
  3. Race Yourself to a Fitter You With Google Glass (Mobile Fitness #Exergame)
  4. CYBERBIKE Smart TV #Exergaming on Samsung Smart TV

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Dustcloud Brings Laser Six Shooters to a Live RPG #Mobile #Exergame

The DUSTCLOUD is a mobile, first-person shooter (FPS) game played using GPS tracking (+ZigBee communications) and electronic ray guns called DUSTERS. It’s a mobile  #exergame played with others locally but can be played anywhere, by anyone, at any time. Your character and skill levels are seen in your player profiles as each team has roles that need to be filled like Broker and Cleaner. The object is to shoot other team members with your different colored (blue, green, red) guns (Dusters)  before they shoot you. If you get shot, you lose your Speks (5 cents per shot) but the other person will capture your victim's Speks. Paired to your mobile device via Bluetooth, this game promises to "track opponents, create alliances, see your friends, call on opponents for a match," call in reinforcements and bring an urban RPG game play to a whole new level.


Using Speks costs cash money at $.05 each via PayPal, so there’s an incentive to use them wisely. They’re stored in your paired device where you can reload them into your Duster. But, if you’re a good player you won’t have to buy them very often. When someone is dusted:
• Their Dusters are switched off for thirteen seconds.• The Speks in their Dusters are captured by the player who has dusted them.• Their positional marker (POI) disappears from the iOS and Android app on their phone.• Their efficiency percentage decreases incrementally on the Dustcloud database.• Their Mini Dossier is sent to the Dustbin in the Dossier of the player who has dusted them.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Race Yourself to a Fitter You With Google Glass (Mobile Fitness #Exergame)

Race Yourself integrates Google Glass information and presents an augmented-reality #exergame that will definitely make you see things that don't resist in reality. I'm wondering if you see a zombie rushing towards you in your Glass viewfinder if you'll duck and try to run away?! If you already have Google Glass (I'm still looking for mine in the mail?! Hint Hint Google) and you don't want to just listen to the Zombies approaching (a la Zombie Run), this free app might be for you. Race Yourself or a zombie to a fitter and maybe happier you!

Exergaming Points to Ponder (ExP2P)

  • I know whenever I run on a virtual trail (treadmill screen) or when using  BitGym's Virtual Active I tend to jump over logs and lean from side to side according to the video. I'm wondering what I might do if I'm flying/skydiving while running using Race Yourself. How much of the HUD (heads-up display) and video will you eyes and brain be able to process plus watch out for real world objects.
  • I'm a big believer that the heart doesn't really care what type of activity it does (for the most part) and there's no difference if you're running outdoors or running outdoors with some game elements and extra visual data and feedback. It might even be more immersive than traditional #VR because you have to process both real and virtual visual stimuli. 
  • I cannot wait to try this app to see how real the zombies seem and to train with your past performances (or training partner).
  • How comfortable are they to wear on runs given the Glass seems to be weigh slightly more on one side (right side with HUD) and will the runner notice this imbalance.
  • Will heart-rate monitoring or accelerometer data be available through an API or wrist worn #wearabletech like FitBit, Basis, Nike +, Polar, etc...

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Tappy Fit Uses Fitbit Fitness Data for Rewards in Flappy Bird-like Mobile #exergame #GFH

Using Fitbit API and a script,
Aaron Coleman (Small Steps Lab
@SmallStepsLabs) was able pull step data from his Fitbit which could be redeemed within his Flappy Bird-like game (Tappy Fit) as wider gaps between pipes.

Tappy Fit Channels Flappy Bird Addiction Into Fitness Motivation Using Fitbit Data | TechCrunch:

The use of tracking data and having the accumulated steps, motion or points influence how you play a game has been discussed and profiled extensively at the Games for Health Conference (Full Disclosure: I am a Contributor to the Games for Health Project).  Using an alternate fitness tracker like the Fitbit (or any number of the new fitness trackers (Nike+ Fuelband, Garmin, Basis, Withings Pulse, Fitbug, Jawbone, Misfit, Healbe GoBe), the sensors on a mobile device (GPS, accelerometer, gyrometer, WiFi, BT), or other pervasive activity trackers - the potential to impact health supporting behaviors is tremendous.

Exergaming Points 2 Ponder (ExP2P)

  • In the Techcrunch article, Coleman is quoted saying "As for how original this project is, Coleman notes that while there are lots of games that track your fitness and are designed to gamify workouts, this is the only example he can think of that uses your sum total movement over a certain period to influence gameplay after the fact."; however, I would refine that statement by saying that Tappy Fit is probably the first to use Fitbit data to influence gameplay as there have been several examples of physical activity accumulation influencing gameplay in the past. Most notably Zamzee, Zyked, Rhythmatics, ZombieRun 2, Goldwalker, PokeWalker, Fitocracy, and ME2.
  • At the GFH Project we believe that to influence behavior change towards a healthier and more active lifestyle (i.e. population) will come at the intersection of sensors, social networking, health care and games. I have included a slide that was presented at the Continue Alliance Fall Meeting 2010 in Seoul, South Korea.
If you have more examples of devices that capture activity or engagement, that in turn influences a game (mobile or console), please comment below or contact me on Twitter (@syangman).

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