Friday, February 27, 2015

Partnership for a Healthier America Summit 2015

Thank you to all the staff at the Partnership for a Healthier America Summit for organizing such a wonderful summit. Meeting such a diverse group of attendees, educators, industry experts, and health care professionals has been really rewarding. I had a chance to meet Darryl McDaniels DMC of Run DMC who has been helping out the PHA by releasing music to help the healthy messaging and music cause (songs can be downloaded here)

At her keynote address, the first lady Michelle Obama @FLOTUS encouraged us to use whatever tools necessary to continue the battle against unhealthy foods, neighborhoods, and schools and to improve school meals, physical activity opportunities to enable the nation's youth "to feel like they can move mountains.” Also announced were two initiatives, #GiveMeFive which encourages people to do something healthy for five days in a row like cut out sugar, and the other campaign was the launch of Team FNV which is recruting celebrities and athletes to support the eating of fruits and vegetables. Jessica Alba, Colin Kaepernick, Victor Cruz, Cam Newton,

More information about Hip Hope Public Health can be found here.

I will make my slides available here shortly. Interestingly, both  and I used Carrie Swidecki as a great example of how exergaming can be used for healthy outcomes.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kinect Powers Evaluation of Kids with Duchennes

Finding ways for children to become eligible for clinical trials requires them to be able to walk for six minutes. In using Kinect to track upperbody movements, researchers have proved at Nationwide Hospital that gaming technology can be used to chart upperbody function for children with Duchennes. [Via Medgadget]

Study in journal Muscle & NerveReliability and validity of ACTIVE-seated: An outcome in dystrophinopathy

Click here to read more of ExerGame Lab's archived posts involving research studies. 

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