Saturday, May 24, 2014

GranataPet #SnackBall iBeacon #Exegaming For Dogs

GranataPet #SnackBall is an interesting project from the pet food company that aims to keep dogs healthy in the park with their new "fitness ecosystem" AKA - a healthy and active lifestyle. By tweeting out a message with #SnackBall hashtag, the machine launches a ball away from the main unit, if the dog returns the ball fast enough, it gets a snack released from the machine. Along with the dog's size, the speed of the ball return and distance was calculated using an Arduino (insterted into a tennis ball) and iBeacon technology. If the return was too slow, no food will be dispensed and your best friend just might not be that happy to be in the park.

Although SnackBall is not to be confused with their earlier SnackCheck (2011) project which incorporated FourSquare - which used the slogan "Check in, Snack Out"

Exergaming Points 2 Ponder (ExP2P)

  • Using a camera to estimate the size of the dog, the timer is set to as to how long it should take for it to return the ball. I guess as in humans, using size to approximate level of fitness might not always yield positive results and correlations.
  • I wonder if there is a limit of how many times an owner can use the SnackBall machine. I suppose even if a dog kept getting snacks, eventually it would both tire physically and slow down because of all the extra food they've eaten.
  • For humans, how do we balance the extrinsic rewards that are given for a task with helping our clients, team, students develop intrinsic motivation and prolonged positive behaviors and/or changes.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Challenge Your #FutbolNow Skills on Pepsi #Exergaming Vending Machine

Challenge your own footie skills with this #exergaming Kinect installation in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Available in only 20 locations worldwide, if you are able to match the skills and get enough points in 30 seconds, you can earn a Pepsi.

Exergaming Points 2 Ponder
  • With many of these games, having a certain competency level prior to playing will translate to better in-game success, but if you are not as high-skilled or have low fitness levels, playing exergames (fitness video games) can be a frustrating experience. 
  • If we are trying to build perceived competence, autonomy and relatedness - we need to ensure there are ways and game play mechanics that support these Self-Determination Theory principles.
Via Digital Buzz & PR Newswire
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The interactive vending machine allows customers to show off their soccer skills utilizing Microsoft Kinect technology, with no purchase necessary. Users can create an avatar with their name and begin earning points immediately. Throughout the interactive experience, fans are encouraged to keep the virtual football in the air for 30-seconds as they move through a series of skills challenges. Advanced players can earn bonus time and compete for "Hall of Fame" recognition at each location.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Danz Base Arcade #Exergaming

Danz Base was featured at the GTI Taipei 2014 Trade Show with the usual demo team of female dancers. This Chinese-based #exergame appears to be a 2-player game but can be linked to another machine (online?) to become a 4-player game.

Similar to DanceEvolution (feturered previously) it uses a camera-based sensor to detect game player movement and award points and achievements. After watching the third embedded video, apparently they are using an ASUS Xtion PRO Depth Sensor while the other units (DanceEvolution & Dance Central) use the Kinect (both PC versions). 

-Danz Base is a new and interactive two players’ somatosensory dance machine from IGS. The game features with motion sensing, interactive lights and double woofer functions, and 4 players are available to play a game at the same time through video with the Global Network function.

-Besides, the abundant music in this wonderful machine includes popular songs from all over the world, America, Europe, Korea, Japan and amount vast productions from China, fun for new beginners and experienced players.
-Danz Base with the unique ARKOPAZE system: based on lendon, offering players interactive service on multi machines, allows player to exchange award on other machines like Muzibox DJ when reach achievements on Danz Base.

Exergaming Points 2 Ponder (ExP2P)
  • Its clear from the videos, the dancers are are auto-generated or simply duplicated from the main dancer. Very different from the more complex motion-capture (high-res) dancers and multi-player sequences as seen in Just Dance.
  • I think their choice of using the term "somatosensory dance machine" interesting given that all video games are somatosensory (multiple senses) and this game is is primarily only visual and auditory.
  • According to the description on one of the distributor websites, Danz Base uses an ARKOPAZE system that will enable users to collect awards and use them on Muzibox DJ. Its too bad we don't see more interoperability between machines, gamer profiles, companies as game consoles. We're really missing out on the ability to share with details of our amazing dance conquests, perfect routines and overall fitness data. 
  • In watching the 3rd video, gameplay footage clearly shows some interesting comparisons in providing feedback which I didn't pick up until they were placed side-by-side (see screenshot below). Besides the audio, Dance Central provides "visual" feedback at the point of the dance move (hands, hips, feet) whereas Dance Central only provides "visual" feedback but it rotates around the "virtual lead dancer" and is sometimes not visible. The other factor that makes visual feedback on Dance Central more cluttered is the cumulative score, and star levels nestled to the left of the "virtual lead dancer".

Concluding Thoughts
Using fitness video games can be a fun and engaging way to keep an active lifestyle fresh and entertaining. Remember if its not fun to do, you probably won't do it consistently and that's not a good thing. Fitness matters, and we need to find more ways to stay active and make healthy choices with food and emotion.

No word on whether or not we will see this arcade system in the US, but if you see one please let me know below in the comments or on Twitter @syangman

Thanks to Arcade Heroes and their great coverage on arcade installations and releases all over the world. 

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Most Active Tweets for @syangman (04/10-05/18)

Thanks to Twitter's great Analytics tools, you can find out lots of instant data on the activity of your tweets. Here are some of the more active tweets from my @syangman profile. Have a great weekend and stay active and well with your friends and family!
  1. 200+ articles on Interactive Health Technology & #wearabletech #FitTech clicks via@Flipboard
  2. Virtual reality preps for impact in healthcare,... via @mynewsana
  3. Xbox One Kinect used in therapies for kids with cerebral palsy clicks via @Polygon#exergaming @gamesforhealth #gfh
  4. @gamesforhealth Conf 2014 Boston 6/18-6/20. 3Days exploring videogame help with health+health… clicks
  5. Lumafit #fitnesstracker #kickstarter aims to improve fitness and #mindfulness #quantifiedself
  6. Tom Tom Run Run To head of the #fitnesstracker pack with GPS and HR watch? #wearabletech@ILoveMyPebble
  7. Just listened to @30secToVictory @JustinFitLLC @FitnessPsych podcast. Awesome advice and information! Thanks :) #happymonday
  8. Owlet smart sock for infants #wearabletech pairs with #mhealth app via Bluetooth syncs HR data + +@mobihealth
  9. XBand Speed Pro sensor fitness app measures speed and agility #wearabletech
  10. UMapMyFitness and Under Armour joining forces clicks #fitnesstracker #FitTech#wearabletech
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