Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cadence Weapon in “Reality Game”

The Canadian city of Edmonton named 23-year old hip-hop artist Roland Pemberton, AKA Cadence Weapon, as the City’s third poet laureate.   See if you can identify all of the old school video game characters in his video “Sharks”.

We’ve seen glimpses of games that meld the virtual and augmented realities including:

Tresling: Tetris + Arm Wrestling,
Pong by trackpad,
Frogger by Dance Pad

This announcement is important in many ways because it helps bring hip-hop to the real dinner table of writing and performing arts.  In his statement Pemberton stated that he wants “to change people's perceptions about poetry.” and that is what we are trying to do with active video games being a healthy alternative to sedentary activities.  At the Games for Health conference coming we will be exploring the benefits and downfalls of exergames and Health eGames for people of all ages and abilities.  There will also be presentations about the importance of music in video games and this is where the post finally comes full-circle. Music, physical activity, self-expression, dance, and the arts in general are the areas that seem to get the least amount of attention in today’s educational system. Why is that?  What can we do to turn things around to help the next generation be more grounded, well-rounded, happy and healthy.

Motion X GPS on iPhone: Warp Speed…Engage.

Taking to the slopes of your favorite mountains can now be even more informative with the Motion X GPS app for iPhone.  This is not the first time we’ve seen GPS apps and mobile solutions for the Black Diamond thirsty/Couloir-seeking/Out-of-Bounds thrill seekers. Be sure to also check out the Mogi, Item Hunt GPS mobile game from Japan.

[Gizmodo, Mogi, Item Hunt]

Friday, May 22, 2009

Power Pump to Toned Legs and Air Time

Going Green means different things to different people - but I've noticed more inventions that serve as a charging mecahisms to our never-ending thurst for electronic gadgets.  Using Orange's Power Pump, give your cell phone a 5-min boost after only a few minutes of stepping on the pump.  I've written about the Gym Concept Car, and iCharge for iPhones  & Club Watt previously and undoubtably more inventions will sprout up.  The Gizmodo author writes that he's all for green products "so long as physical effort is not required." but I respectfully disagree.  Wherever we can get more physical activity in, I'm all for it.  We're already so teathered to these electromagnetic devices that any break we can get from putting them up to our ears or fingers....let's pump it up!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

GameDr or GameKiller: 7 Simple Steps to GameDr Success

In what may be the biggest "parental-controlled video game peripheral", the GameDr goes where very few have gone before....right to the power source (both literally and figuratively). We're talking about the exact opposite of the Gamercize principle of Movement-Mediated Gaming (MMG) and the Entertrainer's volume controlled MMG, but not much different than the EyeTimer. Using a timer to only allow the pre-programmed amount of time, parents now have a way to dictate the amount of time a computer, video-game console, or TV is allowed to be used.

7 Simple Steps to GameDr Success
1. Buy GameDr ($29.99).
2. Open combination lock, insert power plug, and set timer.
3. Allow children to play video games.
4a. Watch children freak out.
4b. Watch children do something else, perhaps even go out and play.
5. Watch children use another power cable for game system to play unrestricted.
6. Watch children go online to purchase another GameDr or EyeTimer, install it on your computer/tv/game system.
7. Watch yourself freak out when they limit your ability to watch SportsCenter, AI, Hulu, The Hills, etc...

Check out the tie-clip that locks the power cord to the GameDr. More pictures found here.
[Via Crave, OhGizmo via Gizmodo)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Skate or Die: Tony Hawk going wireless

Tony Hawk Ride will come with a new wireless skateboard peripheral on its release June 2, 2009 ( . Despite having Wii games that use the Balance Board (like Shaun White's Snowboarding) Tony Hawk's game will require just the new controller to play. Built into the board is are two accelerometers and four other "motion sensors". According to reposts, the motion sensors are infra-red to detect board pick-ups and when you're foot hits the ground/carpet next to the board. Now to dig out my closet and dust off my my Van's and find my Christian Hosoi and Mark Fawcett signed boards to re-live some glory days, wipeouts and old scars.

Turns out the motion controls are quite detailed, and in advanced modes even allow for in-place 180s, but nothing seems to involve lifting the board actually off the ground. Grabs can be performed by actually grabbing the edge of the board, with infrared sensors picking up your hand position, and pushing is performed by running your foot along the side of the board. Ollies and flip tricks are obviously going to be a bit different than the real deal, while manuals and steering are pretty much spot on, and apparently there's a lot of choice as to how much "realism" you'd like in controlling the thing. Tony Hawk also sees the controller as a "standard," which could work with snowboarding games, surfing games, exercise games and other assorted cash cows for Activision.

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