Exergame Lessons

Here you will find some of the lesson plans my students have developed that incoporate exergames.  Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Spring 2012

Ben Paquette - Jackie Chan J-Mat
Ryan Carpenter - Sportwall
Andrew Snide - iDANCE
Nicole Sherman - Wii Fit

Emily Woudenberg - Exergame Station
Lesley Turner - Exergaming
Max Stern - iDANCE
Stephanie Paulesen - iDANCE
Kim Arnold - Mobile Adventure Walk (iPhone App)

Fall 2011
William Jones - Exergame Station
Greg Primavera - Just Dance
Steve Miner - Bowling/Kinect Bowling
Shane Jones - DDR

Spring 2011
Anthony DiRienzo - Mario Kart Wii ExerGame Inspired
Andrew Bell - Just Dance

Fall 2010
Greg Laneri - iDANCE
Nicole Sherman - iDANCE
Ryan Carpenter - Wii JustDance! PumpUp TheJam!
Ben Paquette -Wii Bowling - A Strike For Lab D

Fall 2009
Rachel Phillips-  iDANCE-  Dancing Like a Star!
Amy Marks - iDANCE - iDance meets Cortland
Jed Frost - iDANCE - Lesson  - Letter to Superintendent
Martino Sottile - iDANCE - Lesson - Letter to Superintendent

Spring 2009
Courtney Roberts - DDR 
Nick Mangen - DDR -Lesson
Matt Outen - DDR

Fall 2008
Taylor Housman - XaviX J-Mat, Hyper Dash - Orienteering
Ciera Broadwell - Hyper Dash, Hyper Jump - Packet
Ben Mertell - Animal Scramble - Lesson

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