We are all super excited to be participating in the 1st PE Exergame Workshop to the Phil Lawler (DuPage County) PE Institute Day (Naperville, IL) on March 2, 2012. 

  • Basic PE Equipment
  • Beginner Exergame Equipment
  • Advanced Exergame Equipment
Lots of great people in a top notch facility for sports and exergaming (Bulls/Sox Academy)

  • Dan Lawler, Ph. D. - Retired Principal
  • Stephen P. Yang, Ph. D.-ABD - SUNY Cortland 
  • Lisa Witherspoon, Ph. D. – University of South Florida
  • Ernie Medina, Jr., Dr. PH, CHFS – Preventative Medicine Specialist
  • George Velarde – California Physical Educator of the Year
  • Sharon Warren – Polar Electro Education
  • Dave Kurland – Chicago Bulls Director

Purpose: Professional Development / Exergame Education Workshop for PE teachers, Administrators, Superintendants. School and After-School programs. Non-Profits. Foundations.

Description: This Professional Development / Exergame Education Workshop shows you the exciting possibilities of how using technology, combined with games and physical activity, can enhance and enrich the lives of generations.
The workshop will be located at the state-of-the-art Chicago Bulls Sox Training Academy in Lisle, IL, featuring the best Exergaming / Active Game facility in the world.
Teachers who attend the pre-conference will hear information from leaders in the field about how ExerGaming can help educators to be even more effective in reaching our youth. Participants will find this full-day ExerGaming pre-conference fun, educational, and invaluable in helping to promote high-quality physical education and physical activity to maximize the educational experience.
Topics include:
·         Medical view on how a sedentary lifestyle is impacting our children with life-long disease.
·         A successful School and Community Model overview, showing results of improved academics, improved disciplinary incidents, and improved health and fitness scores.
·         Implementing Technology and Exergaming in your facility. Putting knowledge into practice.
·         How do we prove it is working? Using technology to revolutionize physical education.
·         Time in vs. Time Out. Help students with ADHD and other behavior issues decrease impulsivity and improve learning. Explains the physiology of the attention system.
·         Quality teaching in a Physical Education setting, which meets the NASP standards and promotes lifelong fitness.

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