Monday, November 3, 2014

Thank You & Most Active Tweets (October 2014)

Thanks to Twitter's great Analytics tools, you can find out lots of instant data on the activity of your tweets. Here are some of the more active tweets from my @syangman profile. Have a great weekend and stay active and well with your friends and family!
  1. Interactive Health Tech 140+ readers, 2k+ flips, 750+ articles
  2. Microsoft Band $200 Heart-rate, GPS, UV,
  3. prior to testing completely changes Ss attitudes, mood, & maybe even info retrieval. Concentration 64
  4. Last Week Tonight John Oliver We eat 75 lbs of sugar/year!
  5. Why do we make students sit still in class?
  6. Google Fit: An effortless, comprehensive view of your fitness
  7. Turn Playgrounds Into Game Controllers With This Motion-Sensing Clip
  8. Games for Health via 150 readers, 3200 page flips, 200+ articles
  9. Moov raises $3M for coaching apps for
  10. Air Runner : A Futuristic Flying Companion for Runners
  11. Great new signs & outdoor spaces#OzHPW and congrats for incredible day!
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