Friday, February 7, 2014

Can children with DCD improve balance with Wii Fit? #exergame study

Can exergaming with Wii Fit improve balance in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder? Researchers in Belgium found that when compared to children with no balance coordination issues, 28 children were able to improve balance measures over a six-week intervention using Wii Fit games for 30-minute sessions three times per week. After playing each of the available 18 games twice, children were then allowed to play any of the games besides the pre-test/post-test slalom game. Pre-post tests results (Wii Fit Slalom, MABC2, BOT2) revealed improved measures of balance for the exergame intervention group compared to the control group (typical development). The intervention was also enjoyed by almost all of the participants (see ExP2P for more details).

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