Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The Finnish company A4SP Technologies Ltd. developed the GameBullet™ sensor module that integrates into the shaft of the GB Floorball stick. The Finnish company A4SP Technologies Ltd. developed the GameBullet™ sensor module that integrates into the shaft of the GB Floorball shaft. Data captured on the device can be downloaded to the user's mobile device and is supposed to help improve a player's ballhandling, passing and shooting.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sony Game Phone on the way

Not to be outdone by iPhone games and its integration of its triaxial accelerometer, Sony will be releasing the Sony Ericsson F305 Phone which will include extra game (x,y) buttons. Apparently there will be three games included with the F305 including bass fishing, bowling and a jockey game. No word about any GPS, or social networking capabilities/mash-up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CORPUS Museum - "A journey throught the body"

Selling tickets apparently is not a problem for the new CORPUS museum in the Netherlands. School groups and tourists are flocking to this new facility dedicated to teaching visitors through five dimensions (five senses). In one of the exhibits (seen in Reuters video clip), you have to throw objects at the touch sensitive screen to kill bacteria or other bad molecules/virus.

Monday, June 16, 2008

CamSpace: Playing games with cardboard

Take any object (piece of cardboard or ketchup bottle) and allow your webcam to recognize it .. The CamSpace software (looking for Beta testers) then maps your object as the game piece/object. In the screen caps above, demo'd games inlude playing a soccer game (like EyeToy Play) of keep-up and playing an "augmented" xylophone. A great and affordable to way to physically interact with others and the games. They claim that they will always make the software available for free.
[Thanks Ben]

Rock Revolution: DrumMania 2.0

Following the success of Guitar Hero and Rockband, Konami will release a drum-based game called Rock Revolution. Apparently although the DrumMania series drum was successful, they started from scratch when it came to the game controller and interface (drum kit = 6 pads and plus pedal).

[Via Gamasutra]

Tresling: Tetris + Arm Wrestling

First there was Tetris Weightligting and now there is Tom Gerhardt's Tetris + Arm Wrestling = Tresling using a an "Over The Top" type touch senstitve interface (with opposite hand control for orientating your falling pieces). I love mash-ups/hacks like these because it shows unconventional thinking and problem-solving that integrates physical interaction and socially supportive environments.

[Via Like Cool]

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pong by trackpad

Created by German designer Moritz Waldemayer, this physical rendition of Pong takes the classic 1974 version and upgrades it a few notches. Imagine a version that incorporates a 3D hologram and makes you jump up in the air or get down low. No indication if the MOMA installation will become available for sale.


"Metabo" cure? Sportio - au Smart Sports Run & Walk

Japanese owned KDDI CORPORATION is releasing the Sportio phone which is linked to their online social network called au Smart Sports Run & Walk. Using your mobile service and probably GPS tracking, you can track how far you walk/run/bike how fast you go and even how many calories (estimated) you burn.
Given the recent news that the Japanese Health Ministry has set waist size limits for all its citizens and is in the process of measuring...this product seems like it's posed to be picked up my thousands if not millions of people trying to cut a couple of inches.

Robo Pong

No need to practice against a wall or the other half of the table...now Robo Pong can keep you on your toes and deliver the accurate shots your sister or uncle couldn't. With a net to catch the balls and puts them back into the feeder... it's only a matter of time before your weak backhand improves. With models costing from $239 to $695 (plus accessories and table) you'll be on your way to Forest Gump status.

Exergaming Video via Animoto

This has to be the one of the coolest and simplest ways to get a professional looking video produced. Wow!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Jakks UltiMotion Swing Zone Sports

UltiMotion™ takes one of the most popular trends in video gaming, motion games, and combines them with fun role play accessories and simple to use Plug It In & Play technology. The UltiMotion system includes a console and a wireless motion controller, which senses a full range of motion and plugs directly into any standard TV, in addition to themed role play toys that make the gaming experience entirely interactive. (TME)

[Via DVICE & SlipperBrick]

DVICE: Pacer Suit turns dance moves into music

DVICE: Pacer Suit turns dance moves into music

Flaik - Tracking your slope stats

Instead of going for a run or hike and sharing those details with your friends, Flaik uses its GPS armband that links to your mobile device to send the data to your Flaik profile. You and your team can share run-by-run or overall details like times (vertical, speed, distance). With the Flaik GPS application you also get to see where your friends are located (earlier post), conditions at your favorite couloir, what equipment you're wearing and lots more.
[Via DVICE & Flaik]

Wii Fitness: Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009

If this game plays like any of her workouts on "Biggest Loser" look out! People will be "tapping" out quicker than you can say "Done!". Scheduled for a holiday 2008 release, I believe this is the first "celebrity fitness trainer" endorsed Wii product. Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009 will incorporate the Wii Balance Board and the Wii-mote.
In Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009 players become new recruits in Jillian's boot camp where they enroll in a unique training program composed of challenging fitness tests and an ever-changing series of workouts. Players choose their workout from four types--Weight Loss, Strength Training, Intervals and Hill Climb--and set the intensity to light, medium or hard for a duration between 10 and 60 minutes. By completing exciting Wii Remote and Wii Balance Board motion-based challenges that range from crossing monkeybars to climbing ladders and rowing, players can also unlock lifestyle and fitness video tips from Jillian. Players can even track their progress based on calories burned and workout intensity. In addition, a Competitive Party Mode lets two players race against each other through entertaining individual challenges or through the entire Physical Training course to earn the winning time

[Via Gizmodo and Majesco]

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wii Virtual Maestro to "Global Band Wars"

"This is a throwdown, a showdown, hell no I can't slowdown. It goes something like this" - Maestro Fres Wes

This touring game installation was designed and built by a team led by Assistant Professors Teresa Nakra and Chris Ault at The College of New Jersey. I think this is a great application/hack of Wii technology now let's take it to the next level and do what others are asking for, direct the symphony by allowing others to play online (50 piece orchestra), add peripherals (touch sensitive, Wii Fit Balance Board, etc...) and require the conductor to use bigger gestures, movements (jumping, walking, bending down, reach up high, swaying side to side, on your toes). Now that would be "Conducting Thangs". I also think if you could direct a band (hip hop, rock, pop) or orchestra and lead them in practicing, playing, performing, providing feedback, motivating, and managing the band/orchestra while using all available technology and peripherals and technology (drums, guitars, dance pads, Wii Fit Balance Board, microphones, keyboards, etc...)...that would be the bomb. Your scores could be tied to the song/scores's timing, tempo, rhythm, and of course the audience's reactions (applause/boo). Why not make part of the game to find talent and sign talent (A&M), negotiate record contracts and distribution rights (national/international and CD/online), promote online gigs on various website, blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, LinkedIn,...whatever. These gigs can be hosted in a real club where bands are performing virtually and live and have the audience text their reviews to the game site and have theses reviews as part of the point scoring system. Let's call the game "Global Band Wars" with a Band Manager, Promoter/Publicist, A&M rep, stylist, wardrobe, make-up, security, nutritionist, personal trainer, and all the other roles I don't know about. Talk about bringing music back into the schools. So much about music theory, history, styles, and business could be included so that learning could really be a byproduct of play. Hmmmm. Speaking of music styles, look and marvel at Maestro Fresh Wes' lyrical speed of delivery and volume of words.

The majority of Maestro's lyrics are in unique verses and in "Drop the Needle" there are 882 words - compared to John Mayer's (ok...different genre completely, but you get my point) excruciating 366 words in "Say" (removing all but one refrain "Say what you want to say" there are about 126 words in his verses). Wow!

[Via Gizmodo]

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GPS - "Somebody's watching me"

Tracking your movements either in small spaces or outdoors has become a lot easier in the past few years as microprocessors, accelerometers, GIS, GPS, and a variety of other sensors have become a lot more affordable. Most of the new smartphones (Blackberry's, iPhones) and many of the newer advanced mobile phones come with GPS pre-installed and the word on the street is that Garmin (GPS company) will be coming out with a phone. With the ability to track one's movements using one of the mapping mashups (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) comes the capabilities to see where your friends are located at any given moment (if their mobile device is activated and subscribed to one of the many social networking sites (Bones in Motion, Loopt - WDC 2008, Motion Based, PerDiemco or featured in an earlier post). Yes it is Big Brotherish. So if you don’t want to be found…

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DDR Mobile...seriously

We know that DDR has shown to be one of the better exergames for eliciting moderate to vigorous physical activity intensities (1, 2, 3. 4). However with the release of DDR Mobile and DDR 3D Mobile none of those benefits will be possible.
[Via Joystiq, Electricpig, Mobile Entertainment]

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Future of Exercise

Instead of using a GameBike, this group of UVIC researchers  (via Dr. Bruce Gooch) took a $2500+ LeMond G-Force recumbent bike and converted it to a PC game controller. Like the Winds of Orbis website, this website (since removed) is rich with details about the concept, design, hardware, software, testing and future applications.

[UPDATE 04/02/2017]

Friday, June 6, 2008

Giant Keyboard = Short responses

Typing for those not properly trained usually consists of maybe using two or three fingers (including thumb) per hand. But this giant keyboard interface by French artist/designer Maurin Donneaud, takes typing to an "exergame" like format.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

iPong on iPhone

Pong + iPhone = iPong. Mr. Kondo developed this multiplayer iPong for iPhone Touch even though the iPhone is not yet available in Japan. As the ball bounces off player one's paddle and off the screen the ball reappears on player two's screen at about the same trajectory it left player one's screen and with very little latency/delay. It sure hasn't been long since iPhone "exergames" were suggested.
[Via Technabob]

Novint Falcon: Experience games in 3D

Imagine being able to distinguish picking up heavier or ligher objects, pushing a door open, or even pulling or twisting objects in your favorite games. The Novint Falcon USB Game Controller is one of the first consumer friendly devices that allows gamers to experience 3D texturized environments. Okay, this contoller is not yet usable in all games, but there are some mods out there for Half-Life2 and Penumbra. I wonder how sturdy the arm mechanisms are and how durable they'll be. The specs say it weighs 6lbs and it moves 4" x 4" x 4".
[Via Tiger Direct]

Active Life: Athletic World for the Wii

The number of exergames being unveiled is incredible, sometimes overwhelming. In light of my earlier post on The Winds of Orbis at Carnagie Mellon, Namco Bandai Games is releasing a touch sensitive mat to go along with the Wii-mote. From the images, one game looks to be a watercraft game and the other one looks like a roller coaster ride. It's only a matter of time before all the 3rd party Wii games really start pumping out as they authorize game developers and secondary controllers. I think combining devices is the wave of the future, especially combining other touch sensitve controllers, webcams (EyeToy-ish), social networking, and perhaps some ubiquitous computing. More videos of Active Life from GameTrailers. The future's so bright....

[Thanks Sandra & Sporle.de]

Monday, June 2, 2008

Frogger by Dance Pad

The old classic video game has been upgraded via a set of metal dance pads at the Newport Aquarium Frog Bog exhibit. Were you ever scared of crossing the road after playing this game as a child?

The Winds of Orbis

This is exactly what we need. Forward thinking game designers at Carnagie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center developed The Winds of Orbis game by incorporating the Wii-mote and a DDR pad. The producer/designer Garth DeAngelis is a master's degree student in entertainment technology. They wanted to create a game in which children could become a hero and run and jump around like Zelda or Mario. Bravo!

*UPDATE 2008-06-10 - Garth posted an article about Orbis at Gamasutra titled
"Combating Child Obesity: Helping Kids Feel Better by Doing What They Love"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

RealReplay - GPS racing on your mobile

The crazy, forward-thinking group Mobius from Austria also has a GPS racing game for whatever mode of travel you prefer (walk, run, bike, hike, drive, skate, etc..). Think of it as a the logical next step of Gmaps Pedometer and Map My Run and very similar to Active Outdoor (featured earlier). Real Replay and Active Ooutdoor are free for GPS-enabled mobile devices.

"Sensitive to motion"

A while back I mentioned an author speculating on how the iPhone will be used for exergames, well this Globe and Mail article detailed how Scott Forstall, a senior vice president at Apple, moved his iPhone to control his spacecraft (thanks to the trixial accelerometer installed on the iPhone). Following a link in the article you can find freeware developed at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg to use your mobile device to interact/play games. The above images come from their MobiPad, ShakerRacer, and WiiRider games two of which incorporate the Wii-mote. Engage indeed #1.

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