Monday, October 7, 2013

Can a smart motion tracker improve your tennis, baseball. or golf swings?

I recently ReTweeted about a new device (Zepp), sensor that will track your golf, tennis, or baseball swing and send information back to your mobile device.
Then I remembered that I was sitting on a post about this other device (Babolat Play & Connect) and decided to put them together.
Can these devices change sport as we know it or will they simply be another tool in which we can use to help us assess and measure performance? When combined with smart fabrics and other motion analyzers, this space is getting more occupied with data...but will practitioners be able to integrate all of these data points effectively?

Interactive Racquet:
There are more and more devices that are helping track an athlete’s performance during training or competition. The Babolat Play & Connect interactive tennis racquet could help players avoid faults altogether. The racquet looks just like any other out there, but in the handle are sensors and electronics that can track performance. This can be downloaded afterward via USB or even streamed line via a wireless connection to a computer, tablet or smartphone for tracking of activity in real time.
This is reportedly the first time that MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology has been built-in a tennis racquet, but something tells us this won’t be the last. And while this information could be used to help train, it can also be used by those watching the game as well. A prototype was shown off at the French Open, where the audience could get stats on shot type, power and consistency in real time.

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