Thursday, November 21, 2013

CYBERBIKE Smart TV #Exergaming on Samsung® Smart TV

Exergaming at home just got a little easier with Cyberbike's Smart TV Edition that connects to Samsung's newest Smart TV. Although there are several VOD (Video on Demand) fitness channels (apps) already pre-loaded, this is the first wireless exergame we've seen to connect directly to a TV and not a game console. To find out more details about the bike and TV app click, please click through.

CYBERBIKE™ Smart TV Edition • Exergaming at home! • For Samsung® Smart TV:

Apparently, the two earlier versions of the CyberBike for Wii and PS3 have sold over 150,000 in Europe. I wonder what the figures are here in North America?
Four different games will be available at launch providing a fun gaming time for all the family while exercising. All games will feature an arcade mode and a fitness mode. The fitness mode includes a virtual coach to setup a personalized or a free program. Cyberbike Cycling Sports, Ostrich Fury & PopStar will be downloadable free of charge directly from the Fitness Channel in the Samsung Smart TV Store.
Samsung Fitness is the only virtual fitness service that provides a customized workout program and keeps track of your fitness through both the TV and mobile device. Fitness will provide an exercise program for you and provide full information about calories burned, workout duration, weight goals, etc.
You can also monitor yourself with the TV camera while learning the exciting exercise movements. It motivates the user by setting and achieving goals. Stream fitness videos based on dance, yoga, fitness workouts, weight training and many more. The Fitness service is fully compatible with the Smart TV Cyberbike.
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