Thursday, December 16, 2010

HopSkipConnect to Healthier Lifestyles

“Healthy behavior. Everyone. Everyday. Everyway.”


That’s the ambitious mantra that the Center for Connected Health’s spinout, HopSkipConnect has adopted as its company’s mandate, according to CEO Rick Lee during a presentation here at the Wireless Life-Sciences Alliance event in La Jolla, California.

While the startup is still in a stealth mode of sorts, Lee sketched out some of the company’s plans as well as its vision for connected health.

HopSkipConnect is a device agnostic connected health company that uses personal health devices (glucometer, blood pressure cuffs, pedometers, etc.) from more than 50 partner companies to move biometric information into their analytics engine. HopSkipConnect runs the data through their “black box” and applies decision rules, clinical rules engines, pattern recognition and other tools to crunch the data and report it back to end users via text message, smartphone apps, Facebook, Twitter — or whever the user wants it, according to Lee.

[More Via Mobi Health News]
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Treasure World

Treasure WorldImage via Wikipedia
Nintendo DS is the most succeeful gaming platform on the planet and we've seen other DS exergames in the past including Pokemon: Soul Silver, Personal Walking. Here is Treasure World a game that uses WiFi to find treasures in the real world.

What makes Treasure World unique is its focus on mobile play through the wealth of Wi-Fi hotspots available around the world. The game contains more than 2,500 separate in-game items/treasure such as trees, flowers, candy, outfits, plants, etc., which are automatically unlocked as players access the more than 200 million Wi-Fi treasure spots worldwide that are registered within the game. Only a certain number of these items are accessible from a single Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that although the game can be played from a single location, players must take their DS with them wherever they go and access new Internet connections in order to continue to collect new items. Once players have a sufficient amount of items they can be used to decorate in-game environments.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

German Kinect launch uses projection mapping

In Germany they like to do things bigger and more dramatically.  Take for example the recent launch of Kinect for Xbox.  A huge interactive art installation using projection mapping was created especially for this event.  Although they weren't playing any Kinect game, the idea is that you can play games by moving your body.  Keep playing my friends!

Xbox Kinect Launch - Interactive Art Installation from seeper on Vimeo.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wii Fitness Party

Here is another game trailer from Japan that looks intriguing and vaguely similar to Dance! It's Your Stage and Dance Central but of course since it is Wii you will have to hold the controllers.  Once Nintendo comes out with a better camera than the Your Shape they too can go controller-less.


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SNAP = Full Motion exerGaming

Is Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect the newest motion gaming option? Not quite, Anthony Whitehead has been working in the exergaming space for some time and in 2007 presented his SNAP project (Sensor Networks for Active Play) and more recently revealed some of the data on how effective SNAP could be 

Exergame effectiveness: what the numbers can tell us

Anthony Whitehead  Carleton University
Hannah Johnston  Carleton University
Nicole Nixon  Dalhousie University
Jo Welch  Dalhousie University

Sensor Networks for Active Play (SNAP);
Anthony Whitehead, Hannah Johnston, Kaitlyn Fox, Nick Crampton, Joe Tuen



Anthony Whitehead, Nick Crampton, Kaitlyn Fox, & Hannah Johnston (2007). Sensor networks as video game input devices Proceedings of the 2007 conference on Future Play

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Move + Kinect = iDong

 News: This is What Move's and Kinect's Children Would Look Like: " [Via Techon]

News: This is What Move's and Kinect's Children Would Look Like
At the China Hi-Tech Fair, the hybrid motion gaming controller "i-dong" (AKA knock-off), developed by Taishan Online Technology Co Ltd, showcased its use on a PC and as an STB (set-top box) for playing games.
The i-dong consists of a sensor unit to be used with a display and a dedicated controller to be held by the user. The sensor unit is connected to a PC or an STB via USB and powered via it. Price US $220. 
While presenting at the 2009 Korea Serious Games Festival I saw a ton of game controllers/remote controllers.

SensoGlove Golf Grip Feedback

"Fore!" is the word I shout the most whenever I play golf, as my dimpled-friend sliced dutifully and consistently away into the next fairway.  If I only had a pair of the SensoGloves, I might have realized that I was gripping the club too hard and "strong". For about $90 you get a glove that is able to tell you grip pressure and feed you information via a tiny LED screen on the back of the sensored (not sequined) glove.  Apparently it can even dissect which finger is exertion too much force.  Will it help your swing?  Well let's say not immediately, but at least you know how hard you're gripping.  Grip and Rip!

Body and Brain Kinect-ion Pac-Man minigame (Kinect)

Body and Brain Connection's Pac-Man minigame (Via Kotaku) looks to be the Xbox 360 Kinect's  newest  hand-eye coordination game and it's an off-take of Pac-Man. Touch the fruit and stay away from the ghosts are the aims of the games and I could see some interesting motor learning experiments with this mini-game. It does also remind me of XaviX's Eye/Hand game.

Friday, November 19, 2010

ReRave Evolves the Step ExerGaming Genre

Kyle Ward and Chris Foy have kept to their word and continued to forge new ways to move, play and game. Their latest venture is a company called Step Evolution ( and their new game (ReRave) is a multi-sensored floor pad that goes beyond the four-arrowed (or five) directional dance exergame genre.  From what looks to be in essence the largest touch-pad in the world, the gaming options for the lower-body will enormous and to me revolutionary.  As we get more glimpses into this new sensor and software, we'll keep you updated.  Knowing these two trailblazer, it will be awesome.  Keep up the great work guys!

On a side note, I would love to see if they could incorporate fitness games/modes like another product that has yet to see the spotlight.  If you're interested in knowing what product I'm referring to, please contact me and I'll point you in the right direction ( exergamelab @ gmail dot com). 

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beyond emergency training scenarios, the use of gaming and simulation technology has been slow to gain footing in the medical arena

Tameka Clanton, a biomechanics researcher at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, demonstrates the iMedic, a program that creates a 3-D X-ray that allows doctors to examine the human body from every angle. 

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Friday, October 8, 2010

ExerGame Lab Presents at SUNY Cortland NYSAHPERD

Today we hosted our 30th "Mini-Conference"but it was the second year of holding it in conjunction with NYSAHPERD Southern Zone.  With a diverse selection of presenters and topics, we were able to really capture the spirit of teaching through the physical.   It was a really well organized and run and besides the typical presentations, there were also apparel sales, used equipment and supplies sale, and vendors here at SUNY Cortland. On display in full effect were iDANCE, Activio instant heart-rate monitoring system, Gamercize, GameBike, and Just Dance.  With help and support from Tommy & Ed at Exergaming Fitness (Disclosure - I am on the Board of Advisors for Exergame Fitness), we were able to provide conference attendees with flyers and information on most of these products. Thanks also to Positive GamingGamercize, and Activio for their tremendous support in equipment and logistics.
From salsa lessons to exergaming, disc golf to fencing, and workshops for administrators and Special Olympics, there was always plenty to do, see, hear, and absorb.  Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the PE Majors Club and Dr. Malmberg, to all the presenters and to you for attending - if only virtually.  See You Next Year! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Experts Rate “Exergames” for Consumers

(Cross-posted via The Exergame Network)

Exergaming (Active Gaming) combines video games and exercise to provide a physically challenging but enjoyable experience. Traditionally, laboratory tests have been used to determine exertion levels and mainstream journalists review and rate a game’s game-play.

The Exergame Network (TEN) has created a next generation rating system which is ready for world wide release. TEN’s ratings system evaluates the holistic experience of an exergame in it’s Exergaming Experience Rating System (EERS)

TEN is a non-affliated, non-profit games for health exergaming advocacy. Its website portal is TEN represents an international collaboration of dedicated health and fitness practitioners, exergame developers, researchers and clinicians, wellness entrepreneurs, all devoted to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through exergaming.

The peer-reviewed EERS results have been compiled by a panel of world renowned exergaming experts. The system used to rate the exergame experience has taken a collaboration of over 12 months, driven by the previous lack of real world consumer information into the genre.

Exergames are not only scored on exercise and game play, including the physical interface between the two, but also on the interaction of seven further attributes including sustainability and intervention capacity. Six popular video games with an exercise component have been scored in the first results, including Wii Fit, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Eyetoy Kinetic, Wii Sports, EA Sports Active and Rockband.

"With so many different games available on the market, a rating system for exergames like the EERS by TEN, is a welcome tool for healthcare practitioners trying to help their patients make the most appropriate choices for their families." says TEN contributor Dr Ernie Medina of MedPlay Technologies LLC.

The highest rated exergame, so far, is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), which scored 63% with the popular Wii Fit making a mid-table position with 57%. TEN has a resource of over 40 exergames listed that will be peer-reviewed and rated over the next 12 months.

"The EERS results compliment the research work being done in the Exergame Lab at SUNY Cortland. While there is no substitute for scientific research in PE, the thorough rating system is extremely useful to consumers when looking at which product to purchase." says TEN contributor and exergame expert Stephen Yang.

The full Ratings table can be viewed at the TEN Blogsite and the resource of exergames at The Exergame Network can be joined or contacted via LinkedIn, Facebook, Wiki, Twitter or by email at

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Epic Playstation Move Psych Up

PS3 ready to shipImage via Wikipedia
Are you pumped to get your hands on Playstation Move?  If not just check out this video and you'll feel the jolt to get up and play.... that is after you wipe up your drool. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dance! It's Your Stage drops on XBLA. First Multiplayer-Multimodal Exergame (MME)

Can't wait for Xbox 360 Kinect or Playstation Move? The newest dance exergame will be dropping within a couple of weeks for XBLA and it will be truly a multi-platform gaming system as it will be playable on Xbox 360, Nintendo DS & Wii, PC. It will also be compatible with Wii Mote, Xbox 360 controller, Wii Fit Board and a DDR dance pad. It will be interesting to see how this game plays as we've only seen the trailer and some uploaded in-game footage. [Via Joystiq]

Dance - It's Your Stage promo
Uploaded by exergamelab. - Discover more gaming videos.

Exergaming Benefits
  • 20 different dance routines that may incorporate the upper-body as well as lower (competency)
  • 8 dance stages to choose from (autonomy)
  • Design your the look of your own avatar (autonomy)
  • Play with your friends (relatedness). Thinking about having one player use her DS, another on a laptop and another on a dance pad or Fit Board is fascinating and may be they first truly multiplayer - multimodal exergame (MME)
  • Hip-hop, rock, and reggae dance routines (autonomy)
  • Improved play moves your dance status from street performer all the way to star stage performer (presumably baking up Justin Bieber or Lady GaGa.)
  • The training mode looks to be useful way to help players learn the dance moves. (competency)
Exergaming Concerns
  • The arrows seem awfully small, even with a big screen tv, and off to one side. 
  • When you miss a step or move your instantaneous feedback (competency) is "Yuck!" From the many discussions we've had with youth, they don't like these judgments being displayed after each error. 
  • At the end of a failed routine, your avatar will go into a disappointed forward slouch. 
  • The arrows are confusing for me as I'm used to playing DDR, and iDANCE but I assume the reason they are done that way to avoid legal trouble from Konami and their IP patents.
WIBC - Wouldn't It Be Cool
  • To integrate heart-rate monitors into any game and have extra points for being in your target heart rate zone
  • You could customize the amount and type of feedback given instantly and summative.
For more information on exergames be sure to check out The Exergame Network and the ExerGame Lab Blog for the latest in how technology and gaming are colliding for a healthier tomorrow.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GYROXUS - Partial Motion-Gaming Chair, SEEE- Spectrum of Exergaming Energy Expenditure

Getting more into a game usually isn't a problem for most exergamers, but to say that that the following gaming accessory is "Full-Motion" is a little stretch - Gyroxus Full Motion Game Chair, especially with PS3 Move and Kinect coming out shortly. [Via HubPages]

Exergaming Benefits:
  • The controls you use, in turn changes the chair's position, which in turns changes how you are positioned in the chair.
  • Seated positions require you to actively resist (initially) large movements (front to back, or side to side).
  • Most muscle contractions, once placed in a non-neutral position, would primarily be isometric (trunk muscles).
  • Self-righting reflex and vestibular responses are also initiated by the changing seat positions.
  • Makes you feel more "immersed" in the game, at least according to the people in the videos. Of course playing on such large screens can also have the same effect.

Exergaming Concerns:
  • You are NOT controlling your character's playing position.
  • You are passively moved into different seated positions. Your conscious movements have no impact on game play
This chair looks cool to play and I would love to play one. It reminds me of the one I played in Korea, but I really wonder what the energy expenditure is from playing in a moving gaming chair.  Definitely more than traditional seated, but it has to be less than standing and of course less than really full-motion gaming options like EyeToy, Kinect, Move, etc..

What do you SEEE?
Many people have been calling for labels on games that highlight the workout that can be gained by playing exergames (commercial off the shelf - COTS). As a brief non-exhaustive view of exergames, I propose to use the following spectrum (SEEE) to highlight where many games fall in terns energy expenditure.

Spectrum of Exergaming Energy Expenditure  (SEEE) --- graphic to follow ---
Seated < Moving Seated < Standing < Walking < Cycling < Step Machine < Dancing < Boxing < Full-Motion
If you want to be involved with The Exergame Network's efforts please join us on Skype Thursday morning to discuss our Exergame Experience Rating System among other things. 

Gyroxus is the ultimate full-motion video game chair. It is easy to set up and fully adjustable for game players of all shapes and sizes. The smooth gliding controls allow you to become fully immersed in the game as your body controls each movement. Take gaming to a whole new level • Full motion game experience • Feel the movement / put yourself in the game Easy to use • Sets up in minutes • No tools required • Intuitive interface Plug-n-Play • No drivers to install • Supports game controller and keyboard
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Concussion Research Using Wii Fit [Exergame, WiiHab]

Can an off-the-shelf video game be used to collect data and diagnose/treat concussed athletes? Here is a pretty  balanced article from the Washington Post article about universities (Maryland, Ohio State, and others) using Wii Fit Balance Board and the software to collect data on their athletes.

The CDC estimates 1.6-3.2 million concussions occur yearly in sports and other recreational activities. A concussion can happen in any sport, and it is important to quickly recognize and treat the injury. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, and athletes are at risk for complications.

Like all fields in the Games for Health sphere, we are at the beginning stages of research of using consumer off-the-shelf (COTS) games and customized games (like Red Hill Studios Parkinson's Therapy Game) for exercise, diagnosis, and rehabilitation, of various conditions.  The following list (non-exhaustive) of uses is certainly growing and it looks like that trend will continue as professionals in all areas seek to find better solutions to their problems. If I've missed something please let me know and point me to a link that I can add to this list.
  • Exercise (cardiovascular, strength, balance, flexibility)
  • Rehabilitation with appropriate baseline info (cardiovascular, strength, balance, flexibility)
  • Cognitive training
  • Mobile Games
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Psychological Disorders / Learning Disabilities
Be sure to check out the resources for Exergaming at the Exergaming Network Wiki.

After the Good Morning America Health video segment we did in New York City a couple of weeks ago, it's good to see more news pieces focusing on different areas of Games for Health.  Let me know if you spot something in the news and we'll do our best to share the info to the rest of our interest groups.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fighters Uncaged for Kinect (Exergame)

Fighters Uncaged is a new fighting game for Xbox 360 Kinect due in November from AMA Studios.

Exergaming Benefits:

  • Controller-free for full-body interaction
  • Power-up by using voice recognition
  • Lower-body with upper-body movements (expends more energy with lower-body typically)
  • 10 characters to choose from
  • 70 different strikes in 21 different environments
  • Multiplayer (2, 4 or more?)
Exergaming Concerns:

  • Not suitable for school settings (violence and character)
  • No female characters
  • Not suitable for large groups
  • How will the calibration effect leg kicks to the head of the opponents or jumps?
  • It would be great to see heart-rate monitoring integrated as we've typically seen boxing games elicit some of the higher levels of physical activity intensities.  Will the exertion required to play be sustainable throughout the single game or life-play of the entire game.  
  • Would love to see an assessment of self-perceived exertion level after each game or session.  That I think can wait for one of our research studies. Any students ready to take this one on?
After reading so many comments and complaints about Kinect, it will be really interesting to see how people actually experience it.  According to the Joystiq article, 

In order to execute 'super strikes' you 'need to shout while unleashing your strike,' says Project Manager Luc Verdier. 
...and it sounds very reminiscent of Kick Ass Kung Fu "power ups" which is now Kung Fu LIVE for PS3. Actually I'm not sure if that feature was kept or not.  With the microphones on PS3 Eye and Xbox Kinect at least the hardware is available. Seeing the POV game footage also reminds me of two PS2 titles that never made it big, Gametrak's Darkwind and EyeToy Kinectic Combat (hmm any trademark litigation going on over the work Kinect vs Kinetic?)
eyetoy kinetic combatImage by jontintinjordan via Flickr

WIBC - Wouldn't It Be Cool
  • if you could talk your way to an easier or harder fight/fighter/place 
  • if you could trash talk your opponent to doing something they're not used to doing thus putting you at an advantage - some cool AI for you programmers out there.  Kind of like the Coaching mode or campaign modes in other games.

Continue reading Ubisoft announces Fighters Uncaged for Kinect ... why were they caged in the first place?
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