Here you will find some of the various media outlets that have covered my work in exergaming. I apologize because I'm not intending to be vain but I've been asked a couple of times recently to show highlight some of the media pieces I've been involved with and thought this was a great way to display them all in a format that plays audio and video.  I will continue to update this page with new pieces as they come available. If you know of other sources, please let me know at exergamelab @ gmail [dot] com.

Most Recent
2013 Digital Health Communication Extravaganza

ABC - Good Morning America Health

Gameworld: Motion games broaden uses beyond exercise, with John Gaudiosi. Available here. July 2010. 
Video Interviews
Fox 45 Baltimore BMore Healthy Expo - May 2010

Max Cole - Syracuse University - February 2010

Nick Carboni - Syracuse University - February 2010

Andy Nwoye - Michigan State University - Spring 2006

Audio Interviews

Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline Radio Show @ Games for Health - May 2010. Boston, MA
Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline Radio Show @ Games for Health - June 2009. Boston, MA

Wii Fit launch, with Curtis Kim. KSRO 1350 AM Newtalk Radio May 21, 2008.

Interview with Zachery Janiszewski - Syracuse University - August 2008

Print Media

'Exergame' injuries are not uncommon, with Kim Painter, USA Today health columnist. Phone interview February 10, 2010.  Article posted online February 21, 2010

Can games like 'Wii Fit' really work it?, with Kim Painter, USA Today health columnist.  Phone interview March 13, 2009.  Article posted online March 29, 2009

Ryan Smith. Chicago Tribune's RedEye edition.  Phone interview October, 2009.  Article posted online November 13, 2009

The power of Wii: getting in shape with video games, with Katherine Hobson. U.S. News & World Report May 14, 2008. Article posted online May 16, 2008. Retrieved from

3 New tricks to lose weight: track every step, measure every calorie, with Sari Harrar, Health/Medicine Journalist for O (Oprah Magazine). Phone interview December 22, 2008.  Article published online March 2009.

Video alert: computer games offer high-tech health benefits, with Rebecca Voelker freelance health & medical writer for The Rotarian, Rotary International's monthly members' magazine. Phone interview November 11, 2008.   Article posted online March 2009.

Video games go active – The growth of exertainment, with Jason Enos. GameDAILY.Biz. May 1, 2005.  Article posted online May 3, 2005.  Originally posted to Retrieved from


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