Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wii Virtual Maestro to "Global Band Wars"

"This is a throwdown, a showdown, hell no I can't slowdown. It goes something like this" - Maestro Fres Wes

This touring game installation was designed and built by a team led by Assistant Professors Teresa Nakra and Chris Ault at The College of New Jersey. I think this is a great application/hack of Wii technology now let's take it to the next level and do what others are asking for, direct the symphony by allowing others to play online (50 piece orchestra), add peripherals (touch sensitive, Wii Fit Balance Board, etc...) and require the conductor to use bigger gestures, movements (jumping, walking, bending down, reach up high, swaying side to side, on your toes). Now that would be "Conducting Thangs". I also think if you could direct a band (hip hop, rock, pop) or orchestra and lead them in practicing, playing, performing, providing feedback, motivating, and managing the band/orchestra while using all available technology and peripherals and technology (drums, guitars, dance pads, Wii Fit Balance Board, microphones, keyboards, etc...)...that would be the bomb. Your scores could be tied to the song/scores's timing, tempo, rhythm, and of course the audience's reactions (applause/boo). Why not make part of the game to find talent and sign talent (A&M), negotiate record contracts and distribution rights (national/international and CD/online), promote online gigs on various website, blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, LinkedIn,...whatever. These gigs can be hosted in a real club where bands are performing virtually and live and have the audience text their reviews to the game site and have theses reviews as part of the point scoring system. Let's call the game "Global Band Wars" with a Band Manager, Promoter/Publicist, A&M rep, stylist, wardrobe, make-up, security, nutritionist, personal trainer, and all the other roles I don't know about. Talk about bringing music back into the schools. So much about music theory, history, styles, and business could be included so that learning could really be a byproduct of play. Hmmmm. Speaking of music styles, look and marvel at Maestro Fresh Wes' lyrical speed of delivery and volume of words.

The majority of Maestro's lyrics are in unique verses and in "Drop the Needle" there are 882 words - compared to John Mayer's (ok...different genre completely, but you get my point) excruciating 366 words in "Say" (removing all but one refrain "Say what you want to say" there are about 126 words in his verses). Wow!

[Via Gizmodo]

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