Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nabii: The Next ExerGaming Controller

By popular demand, people wanted to see more of the Nabii device I featured a couple of days ago.  The company is Microinfinity and they also have a another Air Mouse peripheral that is also a great PPT presentation tool. I love using the game controller for a couple of the games that came with it including the drumming game. 

Keep your eyes open for the images and videos from some of the games. In the meanwhile, here are some screens from the Tennis game that was made by a Taiwanese game company.  The beauty of these games is that they can be played through IPTV.  In fact at the KSF 2009, we were able to play over IPTV with people at another location within the exhibit hall.  To grow exergames and serious games, that has to be a crucial component to have, socialization, networking, online game play, and data tracking.
Thanks to Ed & Tommy of Exergame Fitness for supplying my lab with a set of these.  We will have them featured at our Exergame Workshop: Active Video Gaming = Serious Fun at AAHPERD in Indinapolis later in March.

Featured speakers will include yours truly (Stephen Yang, SUNY Cortland), John Foley, PhD, State University of New York - Cortland, Cortland, NY; Dan Lawler; Lisa Hansen, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL; Aaron Hart, Station PE, Cortland, NY; Andrea Oh, ITECH Fitness, Denver, CO; Richard Coshott, Gamercize, UK, Cortland, NY; and Helena Baert, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

Featured equipment:
Positive Gaming's iDANCE platform
Activio Group Heart Rate Monitoring
Microinfinity Nabii
and much much more!

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