Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GYROXUS - Partial Motion-Gaming Chair, SEEE- Spectrum of Exergaming Energy Expenditure

Getting more into a game usually isn't a problem for most exergamers, but to say that that the following gaming accessory is "Full-Motion" is a little stretch - Gyroxus Full Motion Game Chair, especially with PS3 Move and Kinect coming out shortly. [Via HubPages]

Exergaming Benefits:
  • The controls you use, in turn changes the chair's position, which in turns changes how you are positioned in the chair.
  • Seated positions require you to actively resist (initially) large movements (front to back, or side to side).
  • Most muscle contractions, once placed in a non-neutral position, would primarily be isometric (trunk muscles).
  • Self-righting reflex and vestibular responses are also initiated by the changing seat positions.
  • Makes you feel more "immersed" in the game, at least according to the people in the videos. Of course playing on such large screens can also have the same effect.

Exergaming Concerns:
  • You are NOT controlling your character's playing position.
  • You are passively moved into different seated positions. Your conscious movements have no impact on game play
This chair looks cool to play and I would love to play one. It reminds me of the one I played in Korea, but I really wonder what the energy expenditure is from playing in a moving gaming chair.  Definitely more than traditional seated, but it has to be less than standing and of course less than really full-motion gaming options like EyeToy, Kinect, Move, etc..

What do you SEEE?
Many people have been calling for labels on games that highlight the workout that can be gained by playing exergames (commercial off the shelf - COTS). As a brief non-exhaustive view of exergames, I propose to use the following spectrum (SEEE) to highlight where many games fall in terns energy expenditure.

Spectrum of Exergaming Energy Expenditure  (SEEE) --- graphic to follow ---
Seated < Moving Seated < Standing < Walking < Cycling < Step Machine < Dancing < Boxing < Full-Motion
If you want to be involved with The Exergame Network's efforts please join us on Skype Thursday morning to discuss our Exergame Experience Rating System among other things. 

Gyroxus is the ultimate full-motion video game chair. It is easy to set up and fully adjustable for game players of all shapes and sizes. The smooth gliding controls allow you to become fully immersed in the game as your body controls each movement. Take gaming to a whole new level • Full motion game experience • Feel the movement / put yourself in the game Easy to use • Sets up in minutes • No tools required • Intuitive interface Plug-n-Play • No drivers to install • Supports game controller and keyboard
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