Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fighters Uncaged for Kinect (Exergame)

Fighters Uncaged is a new fighting game for Xbox 360 Kinect due in November from AMA Studios.

Exergaming Benefits:

  • Controller-free for full-body interaction
  • Power-up by using voice recognition
  • Lower-body with upper-body movements (expends more energy with lower-body typically)
  • 10 characters to choose from
  • 70 different strikes in 21 different environments
  • Multiplayer (2, 4 or more?)
Exergaming Concerns:

  • Not suitable for school settings (violence and character)
  • No female characters
  • Not suitable for large groups
  • How will the calibration effect leg kicks to the head of the opponents or jumps?
  • It would be great to see heart-rate monitoring integrated as we've typically seen boxing games elicit some of the higher levels of physical activity intensities.  Will the exertion required to play be sustainable throughout the single game or life-play of the entire game.  
  • Would love to see an assessment of self-perceived exertion level after each game or session.  That I think can wait for one of our research studies. Any students ready to take this one on?
After reading so many comments and complaints about Kinect, it will be really interesting to see how people actually experience it.  According to the Joystiq article, 

In order to execute 'super strikes' you 'need to shout while unleashing your strike,' says Project Manager Luc Verdier. 
...and it sounds very reminiscent of Kick Ass Kung Fu "power ups" which is now Kung Fu LIVE for PS3. Actually I'm not sure if that feature was kept or not.  With the microphones on PS3 Eye and Xbox Kinect at least the hardware is available. Seeing the POV game footage also reminds me of two PS2 titles that never made it big, Gametrak's Darkwind and EyeToy Kinectic Combat (hmm any trademark litigation going on over the work Kinect vs Kinetic?)
eyetoy kinetic combatImage by jontintinjordan via Flickr

WIBC - Wouldn't It Be Cool
  • if you could talk your way to an easier or harder fight/fighter/place 
  • if you could trash talk your opponent to doing something they're not used to doing thus putting you at an advantage - some cool AI for you programmers out there.  Kind of like the Coaching mode or campaign modes in other games.

Continue reading Ubisoft announces Fighters Uncaged for Kinect ... why were they caged in the first place?
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