Friday, January 7, 2011

Saying I to Eye Control (icontrol) Exergaming? [CES]

At CES 2011, Waterloo Labs (National Instruments) demo'd their proof-of-concept eye-controlled gaming system, using a DDR-type mock-up. It makes you wonder the limits a person can can sustain repetitive rapid eye movements in such distinct patterns - as opposed to regular game play where you get to look all around the screen (or HUD if using VR).  I also wonder how much interference you get once you start moving around and whether the artifacts and sampling error can be overcome with the use of a visual reference system, a la Kinect or PS3 Eye.

Now using eye movements is nothing new, but its good to see people taking the time to use affordable sensors for gaming purposes. I love the open-source EyeWriter project as a prime example of using eye control for computer interaction.  Get hacking!

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