Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LocoMatrix Brings Gaming Back Outside (GPS)

Locomatrix's tagline clearly takes a swipe at the stereotypical sedentary gamer, "Jumpers for goalposts, for the Wii generation, Bringing Gaming Back Outside".  I'm not sure what's been happening since this was first announced in 2008 and if they've bothered to port over the games to iPhone or Android but it would make sense since so many newer devices already have GPS built in.

Be sure to check out the 2011 Games for Health Conference track on Mobile Gaming

Exergame Benfits
  • Any number of players.
  • Any size playing field.
  • Customizable games.
  • Create your own games.
Exergame Concerns
  • LocoMatrix is not exactly screen-free as in Swinxs, because you have to use your mobile phone with GPS or with a GPS unit to play the games. I would say it is console-free and free-roaming but not screen-free.
  • Obviously using large areas of play will be a huge concern for supervision/safety reasons.
  • Handset compatibility

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