Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is Basis the Best Fitness Monitor?

Is this another fitness watch or something more like a wrist-based monitor a la BodyMedia's SenseWear Armband?   Pulse Tracer will soon be releasing their Basis, a watch monitor that packs in a bunch of sensors that monitor not just movement but heart rate, temperature and skin response.The company recently announced the raising of $9 million in funding from Norwest Venture Partners and DCM. Can't wait to get this one in the lab to compare to the Armband.

Announced features and sensors:

  • Price $199
  • Accelerometer (presumably triaxial)
  • Galvanic skin response
  • Skin temperature
  • Optical blood flow 
  • Online tools to manage and analyze (and share) data. Think mini PHR/EHR 

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  1. Really you have given the beautiful picture of technology which is now in trend............

  2. I need to say, as a whole lot as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt support however lose interest right after a whilst. Its as if you had a amazing grasp on the topic matter, but you forgot to include your readers.

  3. I am thinking to buy the Polar watch and I have a question, does it shows the calories burnt if you don't wear the heart rate monitor strap? I hope it does, as I find them so uncomfortable. I would just need this watch for the gym, for lifting, as I have a Garmin forrunner 110 gps watch for runs. Thank you so much!!!
    fitness watch.


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