Monday, August 8, 2011

Treadmill training (run-simulator) - Outside Interactive

Stay at home and train for the big race on your TV, computer and treadmill [Via Techland]

Whether your pounding the miles for the Boston Marathon or want to hit the Summertime Run in Central Park 10K, the videos intend to give you a feel for the course you'll be on before you're on them.  They even come with "pop-up" style pictures of landmark signs like the one for the Boathouse in Central Park (see screenshot).

Not an exergame but definitely using tech to mediate exercise - in this case using a foot pod to track speed, cadence although if you approach a hill, I don't think the treadmill is tied to the Virtual reality software to increase the incline of your treadmill.  The PC simulator will advise you what setting to adjust your treadmill to approximate the hill.  I know I'd probably adjust for the first few hills, but after that I probably wouldn't.  Woud you keep the suggested pace?
 Check them out -!/OInteractive

If you can't hack a 10 minute mile, the company Outside Interactive suggest you go to the pre-paced DVDs where you can adjust the speed of the footage to match your cadence.

Outside Interactive - Virtual Runner - 90 Second Spot from Gary McNamee on Vimeo.

Outside Interactive - Summertime Run - Central Park - 10K from Gary McNamee on Vimeo.
And for an extra shot of realism, the company is getting set to release its "Virtual Runner" software next month, which consists of a $250 sneaker sensor and computer software that can match the pace of the video to the pace that you're running on the treadmill. The videos will instruct you to adjust the incline on your treadmill to match hilly parts of the courses, too.
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