Monday, August 8, 2011

Virtual Relay Exergame

This concept of a connected and social physical experience mediated by technology certainly has lots of exergame potential especially if they end up building in ARG, leader-boards, and game elements.

Virtual relay - DesignBlizzard

How it works
The V.relay is a baton for virtual relays. By connecting and joining to a community website, you could search for relays of your interest, the time you want to start, the team you want to join.
The baton receives the data from the computer and gives a signal when it's time for your turn to run in the team. The GPS signal lets the relay continue on virtually all around the world. And also gives you feedback of the distance/time/heartbeat rate/runners left during your run.
The main aspect or the V.relay is to give people more motivation for exercise by making them feel connected.

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