Sunday, April 15, 2012

ExerGame Lab Demo at SUNY Cortland

As PE teacher-candidates prepare for student-teaching and a career in transforming children's lives, they will be required to demonstrate their ability to impact learning with the assistance of technology (Standards established by NASPE, NCATE, ISTE). Given the ubiiquity of technology in society today, I feel it is our responsibility as teacher educators to demonstrate competency in multiple forms of technology and to provide meaningful learning opportunities that impact learning across the domains (psychomotor, affective, cognitive). We also have to keep in mind that they need to have the skills and understanding to provide great learning activities for their students once they start teaching.

We use social media, blogs, Facebook, electronic portfolios throughout the year as part of  Learning How to Teach PE Like a Rockstar - but we also give them opportunities to learn how to incorporate technology to impact health - and to that end we turn to simple forms of technology (foam letters, Hyper Dash, cups, etc.) to exergaming systems (iDANCE, Move +, DDR, Wii, EyeToy, SmartCycle, GameBike, BrainBike, ExerGame Station, and Kinect, name a few) and monitoring systems  like heart-rate monitors (Suunto, Activio, Polar) as well as accelerometers (ArmBand, Actical, RT3, S2H) .

Given that technology skills have a half-life of two years, it is so important to not only expose them to what is currently available, but to start their own professional development (PD) and Personal Learning Network (PLN) to stay current with the ever changing faces of education, learning, growth, and development. Remember to Play for Better Health!

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