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Does playing Solo or Vs make a Difference in Kinect or Wii? (Study)

If you thought yes, "you are correct Sir!" According to the current study, playing Xbox Kinect™ Reflex Ridge resulted in a 1 MET higher rating than Wii Sports Boxing, and playing multiplayer yielded a 0.5 MET increase compared to solo play.
C. O’Donovan, E. Hirsch, E. Holohan, I. McBride, R. McManus, & J. Hussey (2012). Energy expended playing Xbox Kinect™ and Wii™ games: a preliminary study comparing single and multiplayer modes Physiotherapy, 98 (3), 224-229 DOI: 10.1016/
Exergames have the potential to provide a novel physical activity choice for adolescents that increases energy expenditure and elicit cardiovascular responses related to health (Graf, Pratt, Hester, Short, 2009, Lanningham-Foster, Jensen, Foster, Redmond et al, 2009, Mellecker, McManus, 2008, Murphy et al. 2009).
Graf DL, Pratt LV, Hester CN, & Short KR (2009). Playing active video games increases energy expenditure in children. Pediatrics, 124 (2), 534-40 PMID: 19596737

Lanningham-Foster L, Foster RC, McCrady SK, Jensen TB, Mitre N, & Levine JA (2009). Activity-promoting video games and increased energy expenditure. The Journal of pediatrics, 154 (6), 819-23 PMID: 19324368

Mellecker RR, & McManus AM (2008). Energy expenditure and cardiovascular responses to seated and active gaming in children. Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine, 162 (9), 886-91 PMID: 18762609

Murphy EC, Carson L, Neal W, Baylis C, Donley D, & Yeater R (2009). Effects of an exercise intervention using Dance Dance Revolution on endothelial function and other risk factors in overweight children. International journal of pediatric obesity : IJPO : an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, 4 (4), 205-14 PMID: 19922034

Exergaming Points to Ponder (P2P)

  • Should they have played the same versions of games on both Wii and Kinect to  make a better comparison?
  • They should have played Kinect Sports Boxing to make an easier comparison.
  • I wonder what co-playing results would look like. 
  • I still haven't seen the study yet so I can't tell if it was versus (at same time - synchronous) or versus (take your own tine-asynchronous)

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It has been reported that a higher galvanic skin response is seen when playing video games against another human player than when playing alone, which suggests increased effort. The objectives of this study were to compare energy expenditure when playing two popular active video game consoles, and to compare energy expenditure when playing in single and multiplayer modes.
Crossover trial with randomised playing order.
ParticipantsFourteen healthy adults with a mean age of 21 [standard deviation (SD) 3] years.
Methods and interventionsEnergy expenditure was measured using an indirect calorimeter at rest, during 10 minutes of play on Xbox Kinect™ Reflex Ridge in both single and multiplayer modes, and during 10 minutes of play on Wii™ Sports Boxing in both single and multiplayer modes.
Main outcome measures
Metabolic equivalents (METs), heart rate, oxygen consumption and kilocalories expended.
The energy expenditure during all gaming conditions was of a light intensity. Playing on the Xbox Kinect elicited greater energy expenditure than playing on the Wii [mean difference = 0.9 METs, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.2 to 1.5]. Playing games in multiplayer mode led to greater energy expenditure (mean difference = 0.5 METs, 95% CI 0.1 to 0.9) and heart rate (mean difference = 7.9 beats/minute, 95% CI 2.0 to 13.8) than playing in single player mode.
No gaming condition required moderate-intensity activity in this group of young healthy adults. Potential explanations for the difference in energy expenditure seen between consoles and modes are discussed.
Video games; Energy expenditure; Metabolic equivalent, exergame

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