Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CardioDefender Smartphone-based ECG

Imagine being able to monitor ECGs in realtime on your physician's phone. That's what this device offers and is just the start of medical informatics integration.

Education Implications

  • I would love to see more monitoring systems for schools to track daily physical activity as well as intensity across heart rate zones, calories burned, calories consumed, workout plans and emotion/psychological levels.
  • Its funny that we put more emphasis into tracking daily attendance (do you know of students who have perfect attendance?), Math/History/English/Science grades (Common Core) than we do about physical fitness, physical activity, nutrition, stress and emotional levels. When is this going to change? 

CardioDefender Smartphone-based ECG, a 21st Century Holter Monitor:

Everist Genomics, an Ann Arbor, Michigan company, is set to release its CardioDefender diagnostic system, a smartphone ECG that can provide continuous readings throughout the day that can help detect arrhythmias that may be hard to spot in an office visit.
The system uses a wrist watch-like device to collect data from electrodes and transmit it wirelessly via Bluetooth to a smartphone that can then share it with clinicians monitoring the patient. CardioDefender, that recently won both FDA approval and EU’s CE Mark, can activate an alarm to rapidly notify a physician of any particularly unwelcome graph via an email, page, or other electronic means.
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