Friday, March 15, 2013

AtomicRUSH to Health

I was just in Orlando at the Disney Yacht Club and in their arcade they had the Speed of Light arcade game, but Atomic RUSH seems to amp up the interaction by allowing up to 4 players to play at the same time. In a way the design/array of lights/sensors is more like that of DDR than other games. I would love to try this game out and see how the 4 player game works - especially with people crossing over.

Wouldn't It Be Cool (WIBC)

  • If there were also floor sensors to engage the feet - maybe even proximity sensors instead of touch sensors like FitLights to increase the activity and interaction.
  • I know the flyers say there is feedback at the end of the game, but it would be great to have a scoreboard above each station or an overall panel to show in-game scores as they progress.
  • I wonder if they are thinking about using RFID tags/cards to identify player scores as they move from station to station.

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