Sunday, February 19, 2017

CES 2017 - Health, Fitness & Wellness Technology - Sensoria (part 3)

On my 2nd day of CES 2017, I got a chance to spend some time at the Sensoria booth with an eye on all of their products and their upcoming "pod" which will require a new "2 prong" attachment, which coincidentally the previous version of the snap-in attachment was universally accepted with other sensors (Polar, Suunto, etc...). 
The big hit was the Sensoria Sock 2.0 and Smart Shoe and I also got a chance to hold the newer "peanut" sensor which is incredibly lighter, more versatile, and easier to attach to various body parts. Many people wonder if having all this technology and information will actually improve performance and maybe even require less human coaching. Essentially will technology replace humans?

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