Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Space suit monitors Canadian astronaut's health and fitness

Imagine not having to worry about the exact skin placement of an electrode or accelerometer?! Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques is wearing the Hexoskin embedded sensored-shirt that can measure heart-rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and temperature while orbiting the earth on the International Space Station.

Could a wearable like the Bio-Monitor help physical activity monitoring and #mhealth studies for validation against mobile apps or other wearables? I would be really interested in seeing some of the validation studies to see the accuracy compared to other devices or tests.

How it works
  • The wearable technology system is designed to be as comfortable as a typical snug shirt. The shirt has adjustable straps to position small metal sensors against the skin in order to get a good reading 
  • If an astronaut is about to exercise, he or she can use a tablet application to specify the type of activity and see his or her vital signs throughout the session.
  • Once finished, the astronaut disconnects the battery pack and plugs it into a base, which downloads the data to Earth through the Station's communications system for scientific analysis.


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