Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thank you Tweeps & Blog Readers - #10kTweet

I just wanted to take this time and space to thank all of my Twitter Followers (@syangman), readers to my blogs (Exergamelab.org, RockstarPE.org) and other social media accounts for such a great opportunity to share with you my journey of growth and discovery. In honor of my 10,000th Tweet I've changed my Twitter background image to include many of you who I connect with on Twitter frequently. Unfortunately, some of the profile pictures are not viewable, so I am including the image below. Please do not be upset if your photo is not there, as I did not have any control how images were included; but rest assured to know that your feedback and updates are valued. I look forward to connecting with more like-minded souls and organizations and to sharing more of my discoveries and experience in using technology to improve health and wellness. Hail & Health!
Stephen P. Yang


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