Thursday, March 19, 2009

HopeLab's gDitty

Ellen LaPointe from HopeLab presented their initial prototype called gDitty at the Games for Health Exergaming Retreat in August. She asked us not to talk about it until they released their own reports. And after sitting on the news for such a long time, I found some images and a short report on their trials.
The gDitty is a clip on prototpye accelerometer that is tied to a web-based rewards system with a USB interface. Recently, they released a report from their pilot usability scenario. After seeing this prototype up close and holding it, it has a cool form factor but I think devices like the FitBit will be ultimately more useful as it has a wireless USB connection whenever the device is within range of the base. I just think the fewer things (steps, cords, USB plugs) to deal with - the easier it will be for kids (or even adults).

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As someone who has used multiple devices to measure physical activity and energy expenditure (pedometers, accelerometers, heart rate monitors, galvanic skin response, and metabolic carts), it is difficult to compare results between studies because of the many devices that are used in studies. For example, we did a three year survey of physical activity articles and abstracts in RQES and found 15 different pedometers models and then another 20 studies where the pedometer was unspecified. As a profession we're not helping ourselves when we keep using different assessment tools - but on the other hand I also appreciate the amount of work that went into the R&D of building a product from the ground up.

Corrections: 1. Thanks Nicole for correcting my original typos. 2. Thanks Richard for the updated logo.

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