Thursday, March 26, 2009

Muve & Gruve: Promting Physical Activity

I mentioned at the Health Promotion Conference the importance of Dr. James Levine's work from the Mayo clinic, and here is the commercial fruit of his expertise. Capitalizing on the Dr. Levine's work on Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), the Mayo clinic started a company called Muve and hired Worrell design firm to develop a triaxial accelerometer that was unique and allowed the user to download the data and interpret the results. As I've mentioned before, this departure to make the information consumer-friendly and the user-interface simple, marks a big shift in previous accelerometers on the market.
The interesting component built into the Muve is the fact that after a pre-determined amount of time, the accelerometer will emit a differnt color and vibrate to prompt you to get up and move around. I'm not sure if the device measures how long you take a break from being sedentary - I would assume so, b/c I could see people getting up for minute and jumping around just so they could get back to work. I also assume that when the Muve lights up RED that its time to move and if its GREEN you don't have to move. I would love to try one out before it's release ... supposedly on March 23, 2009 - but I haven't seen a press release for it yet. I'll keep you informed.

For more information on devices that measure physical activity and please see these posts: accelerometers or FitBit or GoWear Fit.

Here are more images of the Muve device.

The Gruve Solution includes the following:

Gruve - Your personalized, real time activity monitor
Gruve Online - The online resource which stores your data and provides education, motivation and support
Gruve Guide - The 12 week program that teaches and leads you toward a healthier, active lifestyle

Gruve with a ONE YEAR online subscription $300
Gruve with a TWO YEAR online subscription $460

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