Monday, August 11, 2008

miCoach is miPhone

Samsung's fittest addition to the mobile market is a slider device that not only has integrated fitness software on board, but also comes with a heart rate monitor and stride sensor (pedometer?). The miCoach was produced in conjunction with Adidas. Before going for a run with the F110 miCoach
..."Attach the heart rate monitor to your chest and stride sensor to your running shoe laces, and the phone will connect and register with them automatically. You can view your heart rate and other details onscreen in neat graphics while you're running."
I'm hoping this phone has some of the ubiquitous computing options especially with GPS and social networking capabilities like some other recent mobile devices featured earlier (au Smart Sports, Flaik, Bones in Motion, Loopt, Motion Based, PerDiemco, RealPlay, MobiPad, WiiRider, WayFinder Active ). I hope it is easy to wash and is somewhat water resistant especially if it's going to be worn while running.

[Via Picture House]

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