Thursday, August 28, 2008

Virtually Real-ity Therapy: Moving images, treadmills, and bodies

Using virtual reality-type/exergame technology in rehabilitation is not a new concept, but University of Portsmouth (Australia) Ph.D student Wendy Powell is conducting a clinical trial with her school and McGill (Canada). Using an adapted treadmill, Wendy developed software to mimic urban streets and mountain view passes. Her system was developed to help recovering stroke patients by having...
"...moving images to trick the patient’s brain into thinking he or she is walking more slowly than they are which in turn encourages them to walk faster and further."
At the Games for Health 2008 in Baltimore, there was a prototype stroke rehabilitation project (PDwii) that used Wii technology, specifically the Wii-mote. In the press release photo, there appears to be a sensor on the lower back of the patient, but the article did not mention what technology was used. I'll contact Wendy and then update the post.
[Via Medgadget & University of Portsmouth]

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