Sunday, August 31, 2008

Music Catch: Play Your Music (Future Exergame?)

After playing the new downloadable version of the popular online game Music Catch, I would love to see someone make an full body interface to play with the game. A common theme I hear from teens is that they wish they could play their own music, and from what we know about motivation that would be a good thing. Having the ability to choose game levels, characters, opponents, and songs furthers a player's sense of autonomy and oftentimes motivation to continue playing. Check out more pics after the jump. At first playing the pre-loaded songs was fun, but after loading a couple of my favorites songs (mp3) it suddenly became another game altogether. First of all you've probably listened to your favorite songs maybe a thousand times, but you've never INTERACTED with it like this before. Simply catch the music notes by moving your mouse and be sure to collect the special bonus notes (Yellow - larger cursor, Purple Power - black hole vortex) and avoid the bad note (Red - shrinks cursor). As the song plays, the line where the notes originate rotates around the screen and the game seems to be tied into a music spectrum. In some ways its like interacting with your music player's visualization settings and it's quite cool to listen to the highs and lows of the song and be able to play a game with it. I really feel that customization will be a key component of future exergames and Music Catch would a really cool game for which to develop a physical interface (Eyetoy, Wii, or some other vision system). Any developers out there looking for a challenge? Let me know.
[Via Gamertell]

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