Friday, May 22, 2009

Power Pump to Toned Legs and Air Time

Going Green means different things to different people - but I've noticed more inventions that serve as a charging mecahisms to our never-ending thurst for electronic gadgets.  Using Orange's Power Pump, give your cell phone a 5-min boost after only a few minutes of stepping on the pump.  I've written about the Gym Concept Car, and iCharge for iPhones  & Club Watt previously and undoubtably more inventions will sprout up.  The Gizmodo author writes that he's all for green products "so long as physical effort is not required." but I respectfully disagree.  Wherever we can get more physical activity in, I'm all for it.  We're already so teathered to these electromagnetic devices that any break we can get from putting them up to our ears or fingers....let's pump it up!

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