Thursday, May 21, 2009

GameDr or GameKiller: 7 Simple Steps to GameDr Success

In what may be the biggest "parental-controlled video game peripheral", the GameDr goes where very few have gone before....right to the power source (both literally and figuratively). We're talking about the exact opposite of the Gamercize principle of Movement-Mediated Gaming (MMG) and the Entertrainer's volume controlled MMG, but not much different than the EyeTimer. Using a timer to only allow the pre-programmed amount of time, parents now have a way to dictate the amount of time a computer, video-game console, or TV is allowed to be used.

7 Simple Steps to GameDr Success
1. Buy GameDr ($29.99).
2. Open combination lock, insert power plug, and set timer.
3. Allow children to play video games.
4a. Watch children freak out.
4b. Watch children do something else, perhaps even go out and play.
5. Watch children use another power cable for game system to play unrestricted.
6. Watch children go online to purchase another GameDr or EyeTimer, install it on your computer/tv/game system.
7. Watch yourself freak out when they limit your ability to watch SportsCenter, AI, Hulu, The Hills, etc...

Check out the tie-clip that locks the power cord to the GameDr. More pictures found here.
[Via Crave, OhGizmo via Gizmodo)

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