Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ExerGame Korea Launches at KSF 2009 - Korea Serious Games Festival

Founder of ExerGame Korea, Daniel Joon (3rd from right back row) officially launched his company as the exclusive distributor of Exergame Fitness (www.exergamefitness.com) in South Korea. With the governor on hand to launch the Korea Serious Games Festival 2009 and try out iDance (www.positivegaming.com) and Lightspace Wall and Floor (www.lightspace.com), the media and crowds kept everybody really busy. Besides myself (far left, back row), also on hand to support the launch of ExerGame Korea at KSF 2009 was (left to right, front row) Emily Rosenberry and Basilius van Houte from Positive Gaming and Ed Kassanders and Kurt Turner from Exergame Fitness USA.

Check back for more updates from the 2009 KSF. Wee Hii Yaa!

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