Friday, September 11, 2009

Grand Theft BikExergaming

Now, for those not intersted in a robot as a fitness leader, Grand Theft Bicycle is a PC hack based on GTA codes but re-worked so that the two competing gangs represent world leaders (Obama,Blair, Harper & Allis vs bin Laden, Hussein, and Jong-Il). Pedaling on the Borgcycle pedals your character's bike through "Bagdad" city and you use the controls mounted on the handlebars to jump and shoot your way to political and terrorist nirvana. I've been using the Cateye GameBike for a while and always wanted to try games where I could shoot something (not necessarily someone). Looks like GTB has melded the best of GameBike's features with the massively popular Grand Theft Auto series.
The viewer is mounted on the Borgcycle — a stationary, sensor-modified bicycle that operates as a joystick with any PC game — that he or she can pedal through “Baghdad” (which bears an uncanny resemblance to Las Vegas), or shoot Invaders and Insurgents.

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