Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Multitoe or MultiToeTapping ExerGame (Concept)

Does having a Virtual Hot Spot on the bottom of your shoe sound enticing enough for you to do some computer interaction like typing, playing a FPS using your feet and tilting your head...well the Multitoe concept from from the HCI lab at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany might be the place to find the next great exergame. (Via Engagdet)

We propose direct touch surfaces that are orders of magnitude larger than tabletops by integrating high-resolution multi-touch sensing into back-projected floors.

The key factor of the shown design is that it is based on frustrated total internal reflection sensing. FTIR allows it to identify and track users based on their sole patterns. The floor recognizes foot postures, distinguishes users who interact from people walking by, and enables high-precision interaction. In addition, the floor can approximate users' head positions based on the pressure profile in the soles and it extracts enough details from soles to allow users to play first person shooters by balancing their feet.

The shown work is a research project by Caroline Fetzer, Thomas Augsten, Konstantin Kaefer, Dorian Kanitz, Rene Meusel, and Thomas Stoff in the Human Computer Interaction Lab of Prof. Patrick Baudisch at Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany

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