Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Raisin Health Monitor Sends Heart Rate Details To Your iPhone [IPhone Apps]

Raisin Health Monitor Sends Heart Rate Details To Your iPhone [IPhone Apps]: "

What looks like a bulky female hygiene product is actually a health monitor that hooks up to an iPhone via Bluetooth, sending bodily information such as heart rates to the compatible app. More »

It's not on sale yet, with Proteus' Raisin sensor only just being passed through the FDA, but it's another step for the iPhone into the operating room, after Apple showed off the Lifescan app by Johnson & Johnson at last year's WWDC, which works alongside a wireless glucose meter. Diabetes can analyze the glucose levels in their blood, with the information being sent to the iPhone app over Bluetooth.
Raisin would also work over Bluetooth, sending information on physical activity and pulse and so on, with the app giving the user more details about what's going on in their body—and also storing information for charting history. It won't replace your annual check-up at the doctors, but could be a neat tool for athletes or those who really want to know what's going on internally. [Proteus via SlashGear]

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