Thursday, December 16, 2010

HopSkipConnect to Healthier Lifestyles

“Healthy behavior. Everyone. Everyday. Everyway.”


That’s the ambitious mantra that the Center for Connected Health’s spinout, HopSkipConnect has adopted as its company’s mandate, according to CEO Rick Lee during a presentation here at the Wireless Life-Sciences Alliance event in La Jolla, California.

While the startup is still in a stealth mode of sorts, Lee sketched out some of the company’s plans as well as its vision for connected health.

HopSkipConnect is a device agnostic connected health company that uses personal health devices (glucometer, blood pressure cuffs, pedometers, etc.) from more than 50 partner companies to move biometric information into their analytics engine. HopSkipConnect runs the data through their “black box” and applies decision rules, clinical rules engines, pattern recognition and other tools to crunch the data and report it back to end users via text message, smartphone apps, Facebook, Twitter — or whever the user wants it, according to Lee.

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