Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Treasure World

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Nintendo DS is the most succeeful gaming platform on the planet and we've seen other DS exergames in the past including Pokemon: Soul Silver, Personal Walking. Here is Treasure World a game that uses WiFi to find treasures in the real world.

What makes Treasure World unique is its focus on mobile play through the wealth of Wi-Fi hotspots available around the world. The game contains more than 2,500 separate in-game items/treasure such as trees, flowers, candy, outfits, plants, etc., which are automatically unlocked as players access the more than 200 million Wi-Fi treasure spots worldwide that are registered within the game. Only a certain number of these items are accessible from a single Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that although the game can be played from a single location, players must take their DS with them wherever they go and access new Internet connections in order to continue to collect new items. Once players have a sufficient amount of items they can be used to decorate in-game environments.

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