Monday, March 14, 2011

MayaFit (Fitness-Simulator)

Response Design  just released a trailer for their MayaFit. The creative wizards behind the original YourselfFitness!, Your Shape and My Fitness Coach have brought their experience together with the PrimeSense Open Natural Interaction (OpenNI) featured for PC's and TV's.  We heard and saw previews at Games for Health 2010 in Boston last year so it's good to see things moving along. Although some of the graphics haven't changed that much and looks a little like EyeToy Kinetic.  I have to check to see if they were part of that team as well.

The second video highlights a kiosk setup with touch display (probably for gyms and fitness centers). To me, MayaFit and to some extent Dance Central are fitness-simulators or dance-simulators as they provide little game play or game design elements.  They are great in terms of motion sensing; however, my biggest gripe is that the "trainer" is the central figure and not the user.  EyeToy Kinetic and other EyeToy series pioneered the interaction of the "moving-user" with augmented reality game elements.  What do you think?


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