Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PE Exergame Workshop & Naperville PE: A Dream Come True

Had a great day touring the Bulls Sox Academy, Naperville Central HS Learning Readiness in PE with Paul Zientarski (photo below with Lisa Witherspoon - USF), and Madison Middle School (where the late Phil Lawler developed his program.) I've been dreaming of visiting Naperville for a decade now, so its great to have actually seen it in action. In some ways seeing their dedication and passion to helping their students achieve their best was just as overwhelming as their facilities and equipment. I will have to spend a long time debriefing myself before I can truly express the depth of their programs and impact. We will be attending the Phil Lawler DuPage PE Conference on Friday after our PE Exergame Workshop on Thursday. Check out the photos and videos below to see what we've seen...

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