Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nike SB: The Skateboard Tracking App

While not a skateboarding exergame like Tony Hawk's Ride, this new iOS app will allow skaters to learn or share (by uploading your own video) their tricks with their friends or anyone else in the world. It looks like they've added game features like community sharing, mastery, and badges (just watched awesome Google Talk by Sebastian Deterding called "Meaningful Play. Getting »Gamification« Right") but not much else in terms of game mechanics, story lines, and community meaning. This is not to be confused with the exergame "Copy Paste Skate" from the Exertion Games Lab that combines infrared sensors, slow exposure photography and audio pickups to enable skaters to interact and see, hear your tricks.

Exergaming Points 2 Ponder (ExP2P)
  • I wonder if there the Nike SB app tracks how long you are on your skateboard?
  • Incorporating GPS into the app might give users more information - but also allow people to Game the system
  • Add a sensor (like Zepp or Babolat) that attaches to the skateboard to detect movement and tricks to give users different score and that also embeds into the video that is shared (velocity, torque, rotations/second, downward/upward forces, rotational velocity). 
  • Some of this data might even be instrumental in providing tutorials and "How-to" videos to learn how to perform certain tricks.
  • Users that add more videos and provide feedback to other users would earn a higher place on leaderboards and community forums. 

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