Saturday, November 23, 2013

Namco’s Super Alpine Racer Exergame

When its cold and wet outside and before the ski hills open, why not get a little exercise and practice on this soon-to-be released arcade Super Alpine Racer exergame from Bandai Namco. While it won't be on par to the immersive exergaming experience and G-forces produced on the SkyTechSport Ski & Snowboard Simulator, I imagine the platform will definitely have some rocking and perhaps even vibration (vibrotactile) feedback to go along with a monstrous screen and some loud speakers for music and in-game sounds (swooshing). A HUGE "Hat Tip" to Kevin Stinger (Stinger Report) and Arcade Heroes for these great updates and photos from IAAPA 2013. Check out larger images and other details after the jump.

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