Thursday, May 8, 2008

GFH 2008 (live) Go for the burn

Alastair Thin from Heriot Watt University (Scotland)
Martial artists (MA) scored higher on the game than non-martial artists (NMA
Arm waving (EyeToy Groove) = MA scored similarily to NMA ~ 3.0 METS
Rhymthmic Arm Waving =
Rapid Arm Movement (Boxing Box) = 6.0 MET
Whole body (Kinetic) = 6.0 METS (~55% of VO2 Max) No REL score, posture, hand-eye
Rapid fire (Sidewinder) = 11 METS (~90%) No REL to game score, posture, hand-eye
Wii Fit Hulahoop (130 bmp)
Step Mania Dance Mat 120 bpm
Wii Fit Step
EyeToy Groove
F1 Racing

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