Thursday, May 8, 2008

GFH 2008 (live) History fo Exergaming

Noah Falstein was a witness in the Avary vs. Microsoft ResponsDesign trial over the Yourself Fitness software and was one of the first ten game developers at LucasArts. Amiga Joyboard, Exus Foot Craz pad, Nintendo Power pad for NES (1987), Bandai Athletic World (NES), Family Fun FItness, Dance Aerobics (1988) NES, Eggsplode, Roll & Rocker. 1990's - Exercise/yoga on PC CD. Nintendo Life Fitness "Exertainment" 1995, Sports Sciences SNES baseball bat, 1999 - Yoga & Meditation, 1996 PropCycle, 1998 - DDR, Yourself! Fitness. Current - Yoga for DS, and Wii Fit. Future - ARG, GPS,

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  1. I was surpised to see Gamercize missing from Noah's list.

    Great blog anyway!!


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