Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Move over Wii! Apple wants to play in 3D

The potential for Apple to develop games that use a three axis (dimension) motion sensing device to interface with games has given many Apple fans reasons to cheer. However, the triaxial accelerometer, Bluetooth, and LED sensor bar that work in synchrony in the Wii-mote has issues. For example if you're not within range of the LEDs (wireless or not), or something is blocking the direct line of transmission - calculating absolute position is not always possible. So it will be interesting to see what technology they use to avoid such problems. According to the Wired blog, the Apple TV would be the main console. I was also reading a short editorial from PC Magazine Chief Editor Lance Ulanoff , where he touted the iPhone as the most important technological development of the 21st century because of its sleek design, user interface, and potential to be the next home desktop. He went on to imagine: “What if you could pass notes between iPhones by shaking them in the direction of a recipient, or play "catch" by gently tossing a virtual ball from one iPhone screen to another?” The game play would be one intriguing issue, but I chuckle to myself thinking about all the damaged iPhones as a result of all the “catching” and “passing”. As I think about Motus’ Darwin USB controller with 6 degrees of freedom and no need for a sensor-type bar, I wonder if they’re working together to integrate their technology…..hmmm?
Photo courtesy AppleInsider

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